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Photo: Mary Breen


About Yarnstorming:

Also called "yarnbombing" or "graffiti knitting," yarnstorming is, according to Wikipedia, “a type of street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk.”

These yarn installations are thought to have originated in Texas, but are now a worldwide phenomenon, taking off as knitting and other traditional crafts gain in popularity. People have covered everything from parking meters to whole phone booths, almost always anonymously and under cover of darkness. In Scotland a bridge got the yarnstorm treatment. Even the Great Wall of China has been “tagged” by yarnstormers!

It’s not uncommon to see random acts of art in Toronto, such as painted bike posts or intriguing stickers and stencils in public spaces. Yarnstorming takes this beautification a step further, offering up work that the observer may find too irresistible to leave where it is. This kind of thievery is expected, and even welcome. Why not share the joy?

For the 2010 Junction Arts Festival, a team of volunteers and the community knit a cosy for an entire Nissan Cube, donated for the occasion by AutoShare. The squares we knit up to cover the car then turned into blankets for Streetknit, after the project was dismantled.

About Wise Daughters Craft Market:

Wise Daughters Craft Market opened in the Junction in 2009, specializing in locally handmade goods and offering craft workshops for adults, teens and kids. Owner Mary Breen comes from a long line of artistic women who passed down to her their skill and passion for handmaking.

Yarnstorming Trees


Wise Daughters will create knitted cozies for the Zone 5 trees, to serve as decoration and examples of yarnstorming designs. The public will be invited to knit anywhere from a single row to a larger swatch of a yarn storm that will grow all weekend, gradually covering a post, railing or other suitable object on the grounds. Instructors will be on hand to teach novices the basic knit stitch so everyone can contribute regardless of age or skill level.

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