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Photo: Lizzie Gosse


About Elizabeth Gosse:

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Gosse studied Cultural Studies and Politics at Trent University. After graduating from Trent University in the spring of 2007, she travelled to Europe looking for inspiration. When she returned in Canada, she moved to Hamilton, Ontario to grow roots and take advantage of the growing arts and culture Hamilton had to offer. Lizzie creates touchable artwork although it is widely unacceptable because it enables viewers to interact with the art with our most important sense, the sense of touch. Lizzie has participated in various community art events including the “Steel Rail Sessions” in KW in 2011, “The Brush Off” at the Museum in Kitchener, and “Whoodunit” at OCAD. She is currently working on completing the It’s Your City Project in various cities across Ontario.

It's Your City - Toronto


The It’s Your City Project started in summer of 2010 at the Find Your Spirit Festival in Brantford. This is a travelling art installation that has been completed in Hamilton, Brantford, Mississauga, Kitchener, and Waterloo. HarbourKIDS: Folk is proud to be the Toronto host of this evolving community based project. In this project, adults and children will work together to create a vibrant city mural. The city mural will build over the weekend, adding more personal touches from the diverse and creative community that Toronto has to offer.

It’s Your City - Toronto will consist of various small canvases what will be prepared with different textures using various household materials. The canvases will be laid out on a tarp where people can use different bottles to pour, squirt, and spray the paint in an abstract form. Once dry, the canvases will be hung to a master board to create a cityscape of Toronto. From here, people can paint individual canvas, adding to the mural over the course of the weekend. It’s Your City fosters creativity, participation, and interaction between the community, the creative process, and the artist.

What else makes this project special? The installation will be touchable. The idea of touchable artwork comes from the studying of Marshall McLuhan’s theory that the medium is the message. To fully understand and comprehend the artwork, the individual must interactive with the medium not only by sight, but by one of our strongest senses, touch.

Facilitated by Elizabeth Gosse.

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