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About Shye Ben Tzur:

Shye Ben Tzur is an Israeli composer, producer and performer who spent a decade living and creating in India, where, after years of studying Indian classical music in the traditional manner, he felt the urge to compose music in his own language. Working with traditional Sufi Qawwali singers – Qawwali is a form of ecstatic Muslim devotional music – as well as different folk musicians from the Rajasthan desert, Ben Tzur has created his own Qawwali music sung in Hebrew, along with other unique compositions and Hebrew poetry. Since the release of his first album in 2003, Ben Tzur has continued developing his incredible fusion of Hebrew and Middle Eastern musical influences with those of the Indian sub-continent. The result is a powerful, eight-piece multicultural ensemble of Israeli and Indian musicians delivering an awe-inspiring show that resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. He has toured extensively in India, Israel, Europe and the Far East, but has yet to perform in North America. His performance at the Ashkenaz Festival will be his North American debut. Featuring Shye Ben Tzur (bandleader, flute), Chugge Khan (vocals), Kutle Khan (vocals), Michel M’BA N’GUEMA (bass), Yaron Eilam (guitars) and Sean Thomas Dixon (drums).

Shye Ben Tzur


Israeli composer, producer and performer Shye Ben Tzur mixes Hebrew and Middle Eastern influences with those of the Indian sub-continent.

Sponsored by the Consulate General of Israel, the Canada-Israel Cultural Foundation, Cineplex Entertainment, Badar Shamim.

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