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About Aaron Bensoussan:

Moroccan-born Aaron Bensoussan hails from a prominent rabbinic dynasty. His grandfather, Rabbi Haim David Bensoussan, was the Chief Rabbi of Morocco while his great-grandfather, Rabbi Avraham Bensoussan, was one of the most revered rabbis to emerge from the city of Fez. According to the Encyclopedia Judaica, the Bensoussan family traces back to Rabbi Yehuda Bensoussan, a teacher of Maimonides.

Cantor Bensoussan studied the art of Sephardic liturgical music and piyutim from his father and master musicians in Morocco before moving to New York at the age of 14 to study in yeshiva. His rabbinic destiny was changed the moment he was exposed to the beautiful art of Ashkenazic hazzanut. When he heard Yossele Rosenblatt for the first time, he knew that he wanted to be a Hazzan. Still, the hauntingly beautiful piyutim and maqamat (modes) of his youth remained firmly etched in a special place in his heart and soul. Aaron has a unique ability to combine both Ashkenazic and Sephardic music to create his own unique and intoxicating soulful sound. As Aaron likes to say, “who says you can’t enjoy some good couscous with a nice schmaltz herring?” He has toured extensively throughout the United States, Israel and Europe, performing in synagogues, festivals, and concert halls including Carnegie Hall in New York City and the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv. His latest project, Maroc N Roll, is his most adventurous yet, a daring fusion of the traditional forms at the core of his musical practice with contemporary pop rock influences. With his multicultural ensemble, Aaron will premiere songs from his latest CD release. Featuring Adam Morrison (musical director, keyboards), Benyamin Koonyevsky (drums), Jousif Sheronick (percussion), Avi Rothbard guitar), Itai Kriss (flute) and David Phillips (bass).

Aaron Bensoussan


One of the world’s great cantorial voices, Bensoussan debuts his adventurous new CD, Maroc N Roll, of contemporary Sephardi pop rock.

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