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About Shashmaqam:

The term “shashmaqam” refers to the centuries-old musical traditions of the Bukharan Jewish people of Central Asia. Taking their name from the musical tradition in which they specialise, the Shashmaqam Ensemble of Queens, NY, presents this compelling repertoire in expert fashion. The group’s members all hail originally from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, where the cultural traditions of the Bukharan Jewish people intermingled for centuries with those of neighbouring Central Asian and Middle Eastern peoples. Shashmaqam reflects the preeminent position that Jews have long held as performers of indigenous Central Asian music with a diverse repertoire revealing the amazing panorama of cultures and musical styles present in this region. From classical and folk styles to lullabies, laments, dances and liturgical repertoire, the music of Shasmaqam is unique, engaging and exotic. Featuring Izra Malakov (vocals), Shumiel Kuyenov (musical director, doira), David Davidov (tar), Aboshaul Aminov (vocals), Merkhay Aminov (accordion), and Firuza Junatan (dancer).



Shashmaqam performs a panorama of the classical and folk music of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, as well as the liturgical repertoire of Bukharan Jews.

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