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About Veretski Pass:

Taking its name from the mountain pass through which Magyar tribes crossed into the Carpathian basin to settle what later became the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Veretski Pass offers a unique and exciting combination of virtuosic musicianship and raw energy that has excited concertgoers across the world. The trio plays “old country” music with origins in the Ottoman Empire, which was once fabled as the borderlands of the East and the West. In a true collage of Carpathian, Jewish, Romanian, and Ottoman styles, typical suites contain dances from Moldavia and Bessarabia, Jewish melodies from Poland and Romania, Hutzul wedding music from Carpathian-Ruthenia, and haunting Rebetic aires from Smyrna, all seamlessly integrated with original compositions. At Ashkenaz the group will perform their latest work, "The Klezmer Shul," a daring suite that attempts to bridge the gap between the sacred and the secular not through the use of words, but with purely instrumental music. "The Klezmer Shul" is a tone poem in four movements and includes structural elements of the classical sonata, traditional klezmer dance suite, and avant-garde jazz. The work is intended to give the listener an emotional experience comparable to attending a religious service. "The Klezmer Shul" is dedicated to the memory of musicians lost to war. Featuring Cookie Segelstein (violin), Josh Horowitz (accordion) and Stuart Brotman (bass).

Veretski Pass - The Klezmer Shul

Advance:$15 Regular:$18

Virtuosic musicianship and raw energy come together in an exciting combination of old country Ottoman-era music.

Co-presented by The Music Gallery.

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