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About Ventanas:

Ventanas is the fruit of lead singer Tamar Ilana’s life of travelling and performing. Tamar grew up travelling with her mother, ethnomusicologist Dr. Judith R. Cohen, performing Sephardic, Balkan and medieval music throughout North America and the Mediterranean. Tamar has also studied flamenco since the age of eight: in Toronto with Esmeralda Enrique, in Barcelona with La Tani, and in Seville at the Cristina Heeren Flamenco Art Foundation. In July 2011, she met Ukrainian fiddler Mark Marczyk, founder of the Lemon Bucket Orkestra and the Fedora Upside-Down Artist Collective, and Ventanas was born. Dennis Duffin (flamenco guitarist), Demetrios Petsalakis (Greek outi, baglama, buzouki), and Jaash Singh (darbuka, cajón) appeared one by one, and Ventanas was soon complete. A unique mixture of flamenco, Balkan and Sephardic music, Ventanas weaves in and out of upbeat Bulgarian dance tunes, Greek and Turkish Ladino love songs, and heart-wrenching flamenco verses, bringing listeners on a beautiful journey across the Mediterranean.



Ventanas explores many musical forms and languages from flamenco palos to Balkan broken rhythms, Sephardic diaspora to Hutsul Ukraine.

Sponsored by Nathan and Lily Silver Family Foundation.

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