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The following short films will screen just prior to Broken Stones:

Quiet Desperation

Quiet Desperation is the story of 58-year-old Heathcliff Defour, a man fast approaching retirement with a lot of “luggage.” His life is dull and his marriage unfulfilling. For the past 35 years he has been married to Merlin Defour, a controlling, bitter woman who is critical of everything, especially him. Whilst driving Merlin to the market one morning they begin to quarrel. But it is when Heathcliff finally expresses what is really on his mind, he loses more than he is prepared to handle.

Directed by Renee Pollonais.

The Diaspora Travels – Haiti

The Diaspora Travels: Haiti follows Seraphine Legend, a resident of Port au-Prince. She survived the earthquake that destroyed her home, but lost a leg to infection. She remains optimistic; and hopes that her son will be able to support his young family.

Directed by Malinda Francis.

A talk-back featuring Malinda Francis, Guetty Felin-Cohen and the Haitian Consulate Representative will follow after the screening.

Broken Stones


Broken Stones (pictured)

The oldest neighborhood of the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Quartier CathÈdrale (Catheral Quarter) was the most devastated sector in the city, it is also where the bulk of the documentary Broken Stones was shot. With its erected columns and open air, the ruins of the cathedral resembles an amphitheater where the daily realities of Haitian life unfolds. Amidst the vestige of what was once the most beautiful cathedrals in the entire Caribbean, children play, women pray, some carry pails and jugs of water from the nearby tap, a white man dressed in black, hooded priest garb appears out of nowhere, followed by a cameraman, foreign missionaries snap pictures as they pray for lost souls in a house of worship that does not belong to them, men and women roam almost aimlessly in this post-apocalyptic decor. These images are amongst the impressionist moments interwoven into the narrative fabric of this captivating documentary.

Directed by Guetty Felin.

61 min | Haiti/France/US |  2012

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