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The following short films will also be screened:

"Concrete Garden"

Music video by Akley Olton.

Mr. Crab (pictured)

Ten-year-old Rishi both idolizes and fears his imposing father, who tells him stories about the crystal clear waters of his homeland of Trinidad & Tobago. An explosive temper keeps his son at a distance even though Rishi’s father tries everything he can think of to build a bond. Mr. Crab offers a touching portrait of an immigrant father trying to make a connection with his son, and a little boy trying to make sense of the fantastic world his father tells him about.

Directed by Faisal Lutchmedial.

2011 | Dramatic Short | 8 min


Wilderness documents a mother's journey as she witnesses her son's refusal to accept treatment for schizophrenia.

Directed by Dawn Wilkinson.

11 min 


A celebration of the lives of African slaves in the Caribbean who managed to preserve some of their culture, in particular their religious worship rituals.

Directed by Nicole Brooks.

Chinee Girl 

CANADIAN PREMEIRE! Chinee Girl focuses on 15 female subjects occupying various social circles. Through their stories, a contemporary portrait of the Caribbean Chinese identity emerges, questioning how one defines ethnicity and identity in a Caribbean space.

Directed by Natalie Wei.

42 min

Canadian Caribbean Showcase


Some of the best short films by Canadian filmmakers of Caribbean heritage, and featuring the world premiere of Melissa Gomez' powerful autobiographical feature documentary, Silent Music.

Silent Music (pictured)

Every family has secrets, but very few ever get to the heart of what they are. Silent Music is the story of one daughter’s attempt to do just that. While everything seems perfect, appearances are deceiving in the Gomez family: Kenneth and Teresa’s profound deafness isolates them. There is also a communication breakdown in the family that prevents everyone from having genuine relationships with each other. Kenneth is suspiciously secretive. Teresa is incredibly lonely. Virtually everyone in this family hides from the truth. 

It is Melissa, the youngest of three hearing children, who investigates her family, exploring difficult subjects never before discussed. Uncomfortable confrontations leave Melissa desperate to know more. The dark secret she eventually discovers unravels everything for Melissa, causing her to question the reason she began this investigation in the first place. Ultimately, Melissa is forced to answer a difficult question herself: "Are some secrets best left hidden?"

Directed by by Melissa Gomez.

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