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The following short films will be screened:


Pothound shows the point of view of a street dog in relation to the world around her. It touches on subjects of a lack of common courtesy, hooliganism, homelessness, the pipe-borne water supply problem, violence and predatory behavior, racial stereotypes, wildlife conservation and displaced animals. The story takes the protagonist Pothound on an adventure where she runs into adversity, forms alliances. It all culminates with an unexpected twist of events.

Directed by Christopher Guiness.

In the southern-most island of the Caribbean, Trinidad, two young street hustlers Fish and Sticky comb the lanes of the central market in search of loot. Thieves by street credit, the cousins regularly hunt for unsuspecting shoppers while cleverly evading the local police in daring escapes. Recently times have gotten harder and the pickings slim. Will fortune favour the brave?

Directed by by Shaun Escayg. 


No one gives directions like a Trinidadian. Ask a Trini how to get to a certain place and if he doesn’t know the way, instead of admitting his ignorance, he’ll send you on a roundabout route guaranteed to get you hopelessly lost. In this short dramatization of that endearing and frustrating phenomenon, a number of persons are asked to give directions to a well-known Port of Spain landmark, with unsurprisingly hilarious results.

Directed by by Rene Pollonais.

The Power of the Vagina (pictured)

The Power of the Vagina explores the issue of women’s sexuality and sexual politics, examining opinions and assumptions abut the various ways in which women use their sexuality and the ways men respond. There are interviews with various experts as well as people in the street, showing how much attitudes towards sex and sexuality have, and have not, changed in our society.

Directed by Jimmel Daniel.

Be Wise

CTA is collaborating with CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution and CCST to showcase the winning videos of the CTA/CCST/CARDI/UWI Caribbean-wide Young Professionals in Agriculture and Science Film competitions during the CaribbeanTales 2012 Toronto Film Showcase.

Mr. Crab 

Ten-year-old Rishi both idolizes and fears his imposing father, who tells him stories about the crystal clear waters of his homeland of Trinidad and Tobago. An explosive temper keeps his son at a distance even though Rishi’s father tries everything he can think of to build a bond. Mr. Crab offers a touching portrait of an immigrant father trying to make a connection with his son, and a little boy trying to make sense of the fantastic world his father tells him about.

Directed by Faisal Lutchmedial.

"Stress Away"

A music video by Kes the Band.

Directed by Ryan Khan. 

Trini 2 De Bone featuring I'm Santana: The Movie


The best short films from the twin republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and the Canadian premiere of puppet-web-sensation-turned-full-length-movie, I'm Santana: The Movie.

I'm Santana: The Movie

The Trinidadian muppet web sensation that went viral online before being made into a theatre-packing feature film.

Directed by Roger Alexis and Ian Pantin.

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