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Van Tran - Participant in Designers' Showcase


Born in Mississauga, Van Tran is an Honours Psychology student studying at the University of Waterloo, with a passion for fashion design. This passion was first recognized by her high school teachers and fellow classmates as Van often modeled many of her original designs during school. What started out as a pastime quickly became something more serious as many of her friends and classmates started inquiring about her outfits, wanting to purchase them. As support grew for her fashion designs, Van took opportunities throughout high school to showcase her creativity starting with designing her line “Van Tran Originals” for her high school fashion shows. 

Van has been continually encouraged by family and friends to further explore her capabilities and has since created several unique pieces adding credibility to her fashion design portfolio. Van continues to partake in opportunities that allow her to express herself through creating one of a kind fashion pieces. She enjoys designing her own outfits for special events and has participated in a few fashion shows at the University of Waterloo. Participating in these fashion shows enabled Van to showcase her designs to a broader audience, gaining more support and confidence in her passion for fashion design. Nurtured by the support of family and friends, Van aspires to one day make her mark in the fashion design industry.

Van has been actively designing clothing and accessories for about seven years now. Her creations have included casual clothing, formal dresses, scarves and handbags. Previously, she has designed and sold nine handbags at her high school fashion show and was asked to design for two dancers from America's Best Dance Crew. At this year’s Vietnamese Lantern Festival, Van will showcase a ready-to-wear line of clothing. 


Visual Arts
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