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You've probably heard Shirley Lum, Culinary Historian, Culinary Tour guide and founder of A Taste of the World Walks on CBC Radio, and maybe you've been on one of her food tours. She is excited to return as one of several exciting Street Food demonstrators at Fortune Cooking 2012 after hosting in 2010! There will be equal portions of food for thought, palate and senses as Shirley doles out interesting tidbits she shares on her unique Food tours (Second Chinatown Foodies Walk) about Chinese (Cantonese regional cuisine) ingredients she picked for this healthy but delicious dish you can make at home!

Street Food Spotlight: Shirley Lum


Get your tastebuds traveling as Fortune Cooking takes you on a journey through the world of Pan Asian street food!

Join culinary historian Shirley Lum as she demonstrates a street food dish popular throughout Asia: Bean Curd Roll Stuffed with Cloud Ear, Silk Squash & Long Beans.

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