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About FLOW 93-5:

FLOW 93-5 is Toronto’s hip hop and R&B station! Tune in daily to hear some of your favourite artists like Rihanna, Drake, Kanye West, Jay Z and more!

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About Miss Ange:

People always told her that you could hear her before you saw her coming…seems fitting that she ended up in radio! Miss Ange keeps you plugged into juicy bits about your favourite FLOW 93-5 artists and celebrities, plus all of the great events in this beautiful city. Tune in to hear her weekdays from 10am to 3pm.

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About DJ P-Plus:

Striving for perfection is a futile battle but for DJ P-Plus, it's always been his ultimate goal. With his journey to achieve and prevail, DJ P-Plus has racked up numerous accolades including multiple DJ-of-the-Year awards, landed not one, but two regular commercial radio slots, and has toured extensively across Canada, the US, the Caribbean, Europe and Japan. Through his experiences, DJ P-Plus has established a reputation for being one of Canada’s most multifaceted, crowd-pleasers.

It’s no secret that the testament of DJ P-Plus’s success comes from being a true music connoisseur. While some DJs focus on only one or two genres of music, he intentionally embraces all genres, from jazz to hip hop, reggae to rock and everything else in between. When he drops that needle and starts to spin, what you hear is not just a series of songs, but his ability to create a soundtrack for an experience you'll always remember.

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FLOW 93-5 DJ Skate Night featuring DJ P-PLUS & Miss Ange



Toronto's best hip hop and R&B station kicks off our DJ Skate Nights season with DJ P-Plus on the decks!

FLOW 93-5 radio personality Miss Ange will be hosting the night.  

Music Skating
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