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The Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley O.M., M.B.E., Dip R.A.D.A., D. Lit (Hon) or simply "Miss Lou," wore many hats throughout her life: story teller, writer, poet, broadcaster and cultural icon. She was a major force in the preservation of Jamaican folklore and culture. She helped to introduce and celebrate the descriptive and expressive language of “the people” to a broader audience, bringing Patois to the world.

Over the years, Harbourfront Centre has been proud to have had the opportunity to work closely with numerous Caribbean communities. To celebrate this work, we were given the great honour to have a permanent exhibition space created and dedicated to Miss Louise Bennett, Jamaica's Folklore and Cultural Ambassador.

Miss Lou's Room Family Activities

Everyone: Free

We all have stories to tell and we should take pride in our own culture. Come and learn about Miss Lou as you explore our interactive exhibit and participate in engaging hands-on family activities.

Miss Lou's Room programming will resume in October 2016. Until then, we have an exciting summer of family fun planned for you!

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