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DJ P-Plus and DJ Revy B

DJ P-Plus

GUMBO has benefited from the two decades of experience DJ P-Plus brings to the table. He has racked up numerous accolades including multiple DJ-of-the-Year awards, landed two regular commercial radio slots, and toured extensively across Canada, the US, the Caribbean, Europe and Japan. Through his experiences, P-Plus has established a reputation for being one of Canada’s most dynamic crowd-pleasers.


DJ Revy B

Revy B is a rising star in the Gumbo discotheque quickly making a name for herself in Toronto. For the past few years, she has made her mark in the Afrobeats scene with guest spots at SUPAFRIK functions such as Jollof Wars and her own Afrojunction series. Most recently she joined the GUMBO crew on the road with a special edition of the party in Brooklyn in collaboration with the Afropunk Festival.


GUMBO is the connection between Afrobeats and Soca that intersects with Dancehall, overlaps with Samba, Baile funk and Afro-house and is mixed with a dash of hip-hop and R&B. GUMBO founding hosts Wan and Chi select the DJs, they play the music and you bring the vibes. Together we make GUMBO.

DJ Skate Nights: GUMBO

Hosted by founders Wan and Chi, GUMBO is returning to heat up the ice again! This time around, the theme for the party is “Zamunda vs Wakanda.” Take your style inspiration from the classic 80s comedy Coming to America or wear something futuristic to commemorate the release of the much anticipated Marvel superhero film Black Panther.

Strike some poses with your fly outfit in a live photoshoot indoors with in-house photographer Tai B, bundle back up and head out to the ice rink. You will find DJs P-Plus and Revy B spinning sounds from the late 80s/early 90s to the Afro sounds of the present and future.

There’s a few more special ingredients going into this skate night's GUMBO, follow the hashtag #WeAreGumbo to see what we’re cooking or just come get a taste!

Music Skating
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