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Leiomy Maldonado


Bizarre $100
Bring us a creative Mardi Gras inspired effect!

Sex Siren $100 - 2 trophies 1 cash
Just bring it!

Realness $150 - 6 trophies 1 cash
Students vs Teachers
STUDENTS bring us a "school project style" poster with an LGBT civil rights leader (Male Figure Schoolboy, Female Figure Schoolgirl, Male Figure Thugboy, Male Figure Prettyboy)
TEACHERS bring it as an enthusiastic teacher, dressed up as a civil rights leader (Male Figure Executive, Female Figure Executive)

Hand Performance $100
Tell us the story of Black Liberation using just your hands. Bring it in all black with white gloves.

Face $200 - 5 trophies 1 cash
Butch Queen vs Drags vs Butch vs Women vs Fem Queen Tracey Africa Norman broke down barriers as the first ever transwoman featured on a Clairol box. Tonight pay homage, by bringing it in all white, reminiscent of that Clairol Box.


Runway $350 - 4 trophies 1 cash
Virgin vs European vs All American vs Female Figure
Haiti was one of the first countries to fight for and gain their independence, using the power of Black magic. Although it is taboo to some, black spirituality has always played a role in Black Liberation. Tonight bring us a CREATIVE effect inspired by VOODOO!

Body $200 - 2 trophies
Our bodies tell a story that started before we existed. Generations of love, strength, resilience and power all lies within our DNA. Tonight, pay homage to your ancestry by bringing us your body painted with art reflective of the nation of your ancestors.

Best Dressed $200 - 2 trophies
Adorn yourself with beautiful African prints and bring it to the runway. Your look does not need to be prints from head to toe, but prints must be on at least half your outfit. Male Figures: don’t forget your jackets; Ladies, don’t forget your bags.

Vogue Performance $250 - 4 trophies 1 cash
Virgin vs BQ Vogue Fem vs Realness with a Twist vs Female Figures
The Black Liberation Army, better known as the Black Panthers, were vital in the US Civil Rights movement. Their disruptive rebellious ways have brought real change to the social climate of America. Tonight bring it as a Black Panther in ALL BLACK, and deliver a disruptive performance that can change society!

The Black Liberation Ball

Admission 19+: $10

Please note new venue: 245 Queens Quay West

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“Some of us communicate with our bodies.” – Twysted, August 2017

When we talk about liberation for Black people, we cannot do so without engaging our bodies and other forms of dialoguing with each other. This ballroom event will be a celebration of Blackness and also serve as a transnational stage, where performers from across North America will come together and have dialogue with each other.

With celebrity judges including Pony Zion and the legendary Leiomy Maldonado, The Icon Michael Roberson Maasai Milan and commentator The Rocksocking Twysted Miyake Mugler!

With DJs Black Cat and Karim Olen Ash

In partnership with
The Black Daddies Club and Musagetes

The Black Daddies Club

Theatre Music
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