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Rania El Mugammar

Dr. Erica Lawson (MA, PhD – OISE, University of Toronto) is the Undergraduate Chair, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research at the University of Western Ontario.

Dr. OmiSoore Dryden (PhD) is an interdisciplinary scholar who teaches in the area of women’s gender and sexuality studies. Dr. Dryden researches theories of blood and blood donation policies, and the relationships between science, health and disease, homophobia and racism in a Canadian context. Dr. Dryden has a co-edited collection (with Dr. Suzanne Lenon) titled, Disrupting Queer Inclusion: Canadian Homonationalisms and the Politics of Belonging (UBC Press, 2015). Dryden’s monograph, tentatively titled, Canadian Blood Services, 1998-2015: Donation, Black life and the Politics of Homophobia, is currently in progress.

Rania El Mugammar is a Sudanese Canadian NPO Director, Artist, Arts Educator, Equity and Anti-oppression Educator and Consultant, performer, speaker and published writer.

El Jones, Halifax Poet Laureate, 2013-2015, is a spoken word activist and teacher and has performed all over Canada. Her poetry is particularly committed to political causes and social justice and has worked extensively with organizations around Halifax performing and presenting on issues of social change. El is the current artistic director of Word Iz Bond Spoken Word Artist Collective and teaches in the African Canadian Transition Program at NSCC and in the Women’s Studies program at Acadia.

Dr. Charlene Sinclair is the director for Reinvestment for the Center for Community Change (CCC) in Washington, DC, where she is responsible for the development and implementation of initiatives to combat generational disinvestment in communities of colour. With over 20 years’ experience developing grassroots organizing and political strategies as well as policy and power analysis, Charlene contributes to what is being called one of the United States’ largest national coalition of grassroots organizations led by directly impacted leaders working for economic justice and to end mass incarceration and criminalization.

“The Journey to Black Liberation Symposium is a follow-up as learnings from the Black Love Matters 2017 Un-Conference at York University, co-developed by the Black Daddies Club, and an extension of the idea of cross-border conversations and community-building within Black communities globally dealing with various forms of oppression that affect our communities. The focus of the JTBL symposium is not to just bear witness to the oppression and injustice, but it is to create a cross-borders network of Black activists, academics and other stakeholders looking at sharing ideas, strategizing, educating each other and community-building in efforts to achieve Black liberation globally.” – Brandon Hay (2017), Founder of The Black Daddies Club

Womanism, Black Feminism and The Politics of Love: A conversation around liberation for Black women

Everyone:FREE Pre-registration required


Part of the Journey to Black Liberation Symposium

A cross-border conversation around Black Womanism and Self Love, featuring different Black women's perspectives as they speak about their experiences moving through this world in their bodies.

Dr. OmiSoore Dryden (Canada)
Rania El Mugammar (Canada)
El Jones (Canada)
Dr. Charlene Sinclair (USA)
Moderated by Dr. Erica Lawson (Canada)

In partnership with
The Black Daddies Club

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