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Dr. Lance T. McCready is Associate Professor in the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, where he is affiliated with the Adult Education and Community Development program. He is an interdisciplinary scholar-activist whose research and writing focuses on the education, health and well-being of young Black men, boys and queer youth of colour.

Ajamu (Ajamu Ikwe-Tyehimba) is a London-based artist and cultural activist working predominately with the Black male body through portraits, self-portraits and studio-based constructed imagery. His work has been shown in many prestigious galleries, museums and alternative spaces around the world.

Byron Hurt is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, writer, anti-sexist activist, and an adjunct professor at Columbia University in New York City. Hurt directed the critically acclaimed PBS films, Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, and Soul Food Junkies. He is currently directing a film about hazing culture.

Stephen Jackman-Torkoff is a wandering soul who expresses himself through many different forms of art. Acting has been his most common practice but he has recently been giving more energy to his interest in painting, poetry and performance art. Stephen is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada.

Dr. Tamari Kitossa is Associate Professor in Sociology Department at Brock University. Forthcoming contributions: Tamari Kitossa (ed), Appealing Because He Is Appalling: Anti-blackness, erotic racism, masculinity and sexuality; Tamari Kitossa, Philip Howard and Erica Lawson (eds), African Canadian Leadership; Awad Ibrahim, Malinda Smith, Tamari Kitossa and Handel K. Wright (eds), Nuances of Blackness in the Canadian Academy.

Samson Brown is a self described, Jamal Of All Hustles, with a primary focus on trans advocacy and the arts. He uses the arts (acting, tap dancing, playwriting, stage and production managing) to create visibility for men of trans experience and to educate the general public on trans issues. You can find his play titled,11:11 A Monodrama in 7D (which is a working title), in Black Solo 2: Watah Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Monodrama, published through Sorplusi Institute Press.

“The Journey to Black Liberation Symposium is a follow-up as learnings from the Black Love Matters 2017 Un-Conference at York University, co-developed by the Black Daddies Club, and an extension of the idea of cross-border conversations and community-building within Black communities globally dealing with various forms of oppression that affect our communities. The focus of the JTBL symposium is not to just bear witness to the oppression and injustice, but it is to create a cross-borders network of Black activists, academics and other stakeholders looking at sharing ideas, strategizing, educating each other and community-building in efforts to achieve Black liberation globally.” – Brandon Hay (2017), Founder of The Black Daddies Club

Am I not a Black Man? Black masculinity, male sexuality and respectability politics


Part of the Journey to Black Liberation Symposium

A trans-national dialogue exploring Black masculinities across borders, examining topics ranging from respectability politics and self-love to heteronormativity and homophobia and how they relate to liberation for Black men.

Ajamu (UK)
Byron Hurt (USA)
Stephen Jackman-Torkoff (Canada)
Dr. Tamari Kitossa (Canada)
Moderated by Dr. Lance McCready (Canada)

In partnership with
The Black Daddies Club

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