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September 22, 2020-November 1, 2021

Toronto-based cartoonist, illustrator and educator Rebecca Roher presents a large-scale outdoor exhibition of comic book panels in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shaped Like an Egg - april martin

September 18-November 7, 2021

For april martin the end thing is not the goal. Her practice is fuelled by systems of science, astrology, mythology and making. She creates curious objects and poetic installations transformed by materials, process, and embodied experience.

(un)Refined Kim Paquet

September 18-November 7, 2021

For Kim Paquet, there is deep meaning in that which is often overlooked. She explores the tensions between the seen and unseen, the valued and the undervalued and the raw and refined.


Unmask Fear by Robert Young

October 7-November 30, 2021

In response to the global pandemic and the outcry for racial justice, Toronto-born international artist Robert Young has created UNMASK FEAR, a critical, multiple content series featuring photographic portraiture and filmed stories of Black Canadians who have made remarkable contributions to community, culture and country.