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Maria Sabaye Moghaddam presents two Persian dances and a workshop


Borders: Iran is a modern nation carved out of the historical region of Persia.  For all of the countries and cultures that make up the Persian Diaspora, their identity is defined more by tribal affiliations and cultural expression, than by geographical borders. These dances represent expression of culture and identity from two distinctly different parts of Iran.


A performance of two Persian dances and a workshop.  The movements in the first dance are very feminine, while the movements in the second dance are unisex. To keep it accessible to a wider audience, the workshop will be taught based on the second dance.

First Dance:  Nooshnaz: Beauty of an Iranian Woman - : A Persian classical dance piece choreographed by Farzaneh Kaboli where delicate arm movements and facial gestures are designed to depict the beauty of a woman who is grooming herself in front of the mirror, tending her hair and outfit.

Second Dance: Choreographed by Farzaneh Kaboli, a dance from southern Iran. Composed of warm, rhythmic movements common to weddings and other festivities.  The music and dance are influenced by many cultures including East Indian and African.  


A scientist by profession, Maria Sabaye Moghaddam specializes in Persian classical and folkloric dances from various regions of Iran. She has developed a unique style of story telling through dance accompanied by facial gestures. Maria has had numerous performances in various cultural events and appeared on Rogers Television.  She is very active in the dance community and holds Persian dance classes for both youth and adults in Toronto. She is also the dance director for the Tirgan: Iranian Festival.