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Rates & Availability

Venues for groups ranging in size from 100 to 450

Why rent at Harbourfront Centre?

Rental Rates

Our rental rates vary by venue. Subsidized rental rates are available to qualifying non-profit performing arts organizations. Rate cards for all venues are provided upon receipt of a Venue Rental Application.

Once we know the nature of your organization, your event and the venue(s) you are interested in, we can provide you with the appropriate rate card.

Venue Availability

The most densely programmed seasons for the Fleck Dance Theatre and Harbourfront Centre Theatre are the spring and the fall, therefore availability is limited during these times. The nature of programming in our theatres lends itself to week-long bookings, therefore single-day availability is more limited ó particularly on weekends.

Harbourfront Centre operates our School Visits programme on weekdays during the school year, so most venues in Artport are only available for rental after 4pm Monday through Friday, September through June. (The Studio Theatre is the exception.)

Due to the extensive nature of our summer programming and summer camps programmes, we are usually unable to accommodate rental requests for Artport venues between Canada Day and Labour Day.

Donít let these restrictions stop you from completing the inquiry process! Weíre happy to review all requests for use of our venues Ė and we are often able to suggest alternate venues, if we canít fit you in here.

How to apply to rent one of our venues

First we need to know a bit about you and your event:

  • what venue are you interested in? (or if you donít know which one is best, what are your requirements?)
  • what date or dates do you need? (and do you have any flexibility?)
  • what organization are you representing? (are you a corporation? a community group? non-profit?)
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