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Ashkenaz Festival | August 28 - September 1, 2008

International Marketplace Vendors

5 Paws

A & W Craft


Temporary Tattoo and body art done in 5 minutes for kids and adults


A wide selection of 100% cotton garments for men, women and children, shawls, vests, jewellery, hats, socks, belts, baby Alpaca garments knitted or woven and scarves from Peru, Ecuador and other Latin American countries


Bernett Sculpture

Handmade Marbles and granite relief sculptures

Big It Up

Funky hats and accessories for that urban style

Canlish International Inc.

Variety of hand made items promoting Chinese designs include beaded curtains, printed paper parasols, crafted stone jewellery and magnetic animals

Décor Essence

Ladies fashion jewellery and clothing accessories


African shea butter and black soap, handicraft carvings, textiles, jewellery, Himalayan salts, natural items, fragrant oils and more

El Tambache

Handicrafts, jewellery, and clothes from Central America

Gigi Go Go

Unique and distinctive ladies garments from Thailand, India, China and Hong Kong – each garment incorporates traditional style and techniques representative of the countries from which they come

Goree Arts and Crafts

Jewellery and accessories from Africa, Asia and other markets

Himalayan Stone

Hand craft stones, necklace, hand made costumes, bags and more

Infiniti Home Décor

JMD Fashion

High fashion garments and shawl



Manufacturer & Importer of full grain cow hide and soft lamb skin genenne leather products

L of N Trading

Oriental arts and crafts, pictures, porcelain crafts, jewellery from China

Los Mayas

Hand made colourful rayon hats, carved animals, statues, masks and more from Bali, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Philipines and Peru to name a few

Mamadou Diop

Mama Muxima

Large selection of apparel for women and children, personal and home accessories imported from Africa

MET Glass

Multi Media

My Precious

Elegant ladies clothing made from mix silk with soft Chinese silk and Thai silk

Mystique Jewellery

Imported and local costume fashion jewelry & accessories

Name On Rice

Have your name printed on rice! And many international imported personal & home products


Antiques, frames, accessories, crystal, belly dancing accessories from Egypt

Preet Nirwal

Pretty Stone

Necklaces, bracelets, scarfs and many more products imported from china

Ruth Chou

Jewellery, purses and watches imported from Korea, Taiwan & Peru

South American Vintage

Decorating crafts imported from Argentina, Uruguay & Brazil for personal usage


Silver SA

Tecali Stone

Translucent stone candles, plates, bowls & Kleenex boxes from Mexico

Tibet Authentic Arts

Handmade bags & jewellery, recycled bags & scarfs imported from Nepal, India & Tibet


World Beat

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