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CANADA DAY | July 1, 2008


Harbourfront Centre Staff

William J.S. Boyle Chief Executive Officer
Melanie Fernandez Director, Community and Education Programmes
Evelyn Siu Artistic Associate and Festival Lead
Dalton Higgins Artistic Associate, Music
Dennis Passley Music Assistant
Meena Abotossaway Festival Programming Assistant
Joy Bullen Summer Festival Project Coordinator
Scott Mackay Production Coordinator
Patrick Mcaulay Visual Arts Coordinator
Robyn Chan-Kent Transportation Coordinator
Bruce Hutchinson Director, Marketing & Media Relations
Averill Maroun Manager, Promotions
Brian Francis Marketing, Senior Writer
Nadia Greenidge Marketing, Writer
Fred Farahani Marketing, Project Coordinator
Asem Chiragh Marketing Coordinator
Shane Gerard Media Relations, Lead Publicist
Cary Mignault Media Relations, Publicist
Althea Linton Media Relations, Publicist
Teresa McKenna Media Relations Assistant
Joe DiClemente Director, Design Communications
David Goldberg Graphic Designer
Sabine Feldmyer Graphic Designer
Laura Lofaro Graphic Designer
Pamela Sequeira Graphic Designer
Matthew DeWaal Web Administrator
Davey Perry Web Assistant
Debbie Findlay Director, Sponsorship and Development
Shauna Seabrook Manager of Sponsor Relations
Ed Gatensby Business Development Associate
Alicia Rose Development Associate, Sponsor Relations
Genevieve Peng Volunteer Coordinator
Dorothy Szczurek Assistant Volunteer Coordinator
Helder Melo Director, Site Operations &Services
David Drake Site Services Manager
Craig Weekes Marine &Property Coordinator
Victor Rocha Manager, Security
Chris Hodgeson Events Security Coordinator
Brian Skol Director, Facilities
Sandra Whiting Vendor Coordinator
Lauren Williamson Administrative Assistant, Vendors
Jennifer Hart Administrative Coordinator

Special Thanks

Bunch Family Inc. Programming Partner
Fort York Historic National Site Programming Partner

The summer festival season is made possible through the hard work of many dedicated Partners, Harbourfront Centre Staff and Volunteers. We are truly grateful to everyone for their contributions.

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