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Mitch Smolkin

Advance:$18 At Door:$25

A Song Is Born forges the musical talents of a group of internationally acclaimed musicians brought together by their love for making music. The concert and album are based on a series of songs that in many ways define the evolution of not only Yiddish music but also the Yiddish experience. The arrangements, which move from being elegantly simple to wildly contemporary, invite the listener to profoundly connect with the music and its strong lyrical and melodic content. The dream project of singer Mitch Smolkin, former Artistic Director of Ashkenaz Festival, pushes the boundaries of Jewish music, and invites in a world of new sounds and rhythms.  In addition to Mitch Smolkin on vocals, the project features Klezmer En Buenos Aires, Boris Sichon, Paul Brody, Levon Ichkhanian and Avivia Chernick.