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Konsonans Retro (Ukraine/Germany/UK)


Hailing from the borderlands of Ukraine and Moldova, the family brass band of Konsonans Retro are the freshest new world music act to come out of Eastern Europe since Taraf de Haidouks and Fanfare Ciocarlia. For generations - and through countless hot nights - the Baranovsky family and their in-laws have been passionately playing the wild and sweet wedding music of Podolia, a powerful and soul-stirring blend of Moldovan, Ukrainian and unique Jewish tunes. Having joined their brash brass sound with the talents of German Klezmer clarinet superstar Christian Dawid and British rhythm machine Guy Shalom, this 8-piece monster ensemble will be “house band” for this year’s Ashkenaz Festival, opening the festivities on August 26, closing them on Sept 1, and keeping the party rocking into the night all week long.