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 Meet Maciej Frankiewicz in an interview and panel discussion on Sunday, August 31, 5pm at the Marilyn Brewer Community Space.

Exhibition of works by Maciej Frankiewicz


Maciej Frankiewicz was born in 1960 in Starachowice, Poland, previously known as Wierzbnik to its once-sizable Jewish population. From an early age, Frankiewicz became fascinated with the subject of Poland’s lost Jewish nation and has devoted much of his adult life to preserving the memory of his town’s Jews. Working in collaboration with North American and Israeli-based organizations of former Jewish landsman (townspeople) from Wierzbnik/Starachowice, Maciej led efforts to restore and preserve the remains of the town’s Jewish cemetery, and successfully lobbied to establish the “Museum of the Jews of Starachowice” in the city’s main cultural centre. As a prolific painter he has produced hundreds of works depicting his vision of former Jewish life in Wierzbnik/Starachowice. Some of his works are based on historical data, either photographs or written records. Others are inspired by dreams and imagination, often resulting in surreal and provocative Chagall-like images. Explaining his unusual fascination with Jewish history, as a Catholic Pole born and raised in post-war Poland, Frankiewicz argues “without the Jews, Poland’s history is incomplete.”