Commitment to Accessibility

Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage is committed to providing a welcoming and accessible destination for all performance lovers. We embrace the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity and strive to serve all levels of ability.

For more information on assistive devices, support people and other services, please visit

Relaxed-Performance-icon-copyRelaxed Performances

In the words of Jess Thom of Touretteshero: “Relaxed Performances extend a warm welcome to anyone who might find it difficult to follow the usual conventions of theatre etiquette.” A Relaxed Performance acknowledges the darkened and silent theatre experience as potentially isolating for some, and caters to those who prefer a space that accommodates their needs.

Adjustments often include gentler lighting and sound, relaxed attitudes to noise and movement around the auditorium and a general awareness amongst audience and staff of the possibility of disruption. We know conventional theatre performance can sometimes be overstimulating and we want everyone to feel comfortable in our spaces.

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LEAR: A Retrospective
Sunday, April 9 at 4pm

My Arm
Sunday, April 22 at 4pm

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