Sem Mim & Ímã

Grupo Corpo


About the Performance

Two spectacular dance productions from this world-renowned company.
In Sem Mim, meaning “without me,” “tattooed” dancers merge the rhythm of the sea with the music of medieval Portuguese-Galician chants. The second work, Ímã, meaning “magnet,” takes inspiration from the law of magnetism where dancers passionately entwine and separate in poetic polarities.

Always a hit with World Stage audiences, Grupo Corpo combines classical ballet technique with a contemporary re-reading of Brazilian and world dance forms. The end results are performances that are virtuosic, athletic and simply breathtaking.

Suggested age: 12+

About the company

The contemporary Brazilian dance company Grupo Corpo was founded by Paulo Pederneiras in 1975, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The company’s distinctive features and personality have been moulded by Paulo Pederneiras, responsible for set design, lighting and the artistic direction of the company, and dancer Rodrigo Pederneiras, who left the stage in 1981 to assume the role of full-time choreographer. The company’s trademark is the combination of classical ballet technique with a contemporary re-reading of popular Brazilian and world dance forms. Today, having created 35 works, Grupo Corpo maintains 10 ballets in its repertoire and gives upwards of 80 performances a year.

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Sem Mim and Ímã – Opening Night Reception

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 –

World Stage goes deeper to deliver a more in-depth performance experience. We invite you to join the World Stage team for food, drinks and discussion at our opening night reception. Admission is free with the purchase of your ticket.

Sem Mim and Ímã – talkshow

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 –

World Stage is committed to providing you with live performance of unparalleled quality. Part of that commitment includes exclusive opportunities to engage with the artists and performers involved with the work. Please stay around after the performance for an informative and engaging talkshow. Admission is free with the purchase of your ticket.

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