Still Standing You

Pieter Ampe & Guilherme Garrido/CAMPO


About the Performance

Unadorned, hilarious, moving and disturbing. With the instruments of their bodies, this Belgian-Portuguese duo offers a mischievous glimpse into the kaleidoscope of friendship. From slaps on the back to violent strokes of a leather belt, the pair tests the strength of their relationship. The artists invite the audience to consider associations of touch, tenderness, violence and struggle between the bodies of men.

Advisory: contains full frontal nudity. Suggested age: 18+

About the company

CAMPO, which brought That Night Follows Day to World Stage audiences in 2009, is a Ghent-based art centre that creates and presents work at all stages of development on a national and international scale.

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About Pieter Ampe

Flemish artist Pieter Ampe had already begun his professional career in dance and theatre while studying with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. As a student at her school, he created Still Difficult Duet and On Stage with Guilherme Garrido at the CAMPO centre, an incubator and showcase for choreographers of all ages and backgrounds. That led to several other pieces, including Maria Theresia entdeckt die zeitgenössische Kunst, a collaborative work created with a visual artist, a choreographer and two performance artists. Always keen for new experiences, he occasionally dances for other artists and the Ghent-based noise-rock group, The Germans.

About Guilherme Garrido

Guilherme Garrido, initially trained in visual arts in Portugal, works as a dancer and musician, and also occasionally fills in as a writer or videographer. His encounter with Pieter Ampe led to Still Difficult Duet (2007) and Still Standing You (2010) as well as the amateur musical group Di CAMPO Boys, named after the Ghent arts centre that gave them an artistic residency and produced their first piece. He splits his time between Portugal (where he co-founded the cultural centre 555), Belgium and Holland, where he also works with the choreographers Maria Clara Villa-Lobos, Ibrahim Quraishi and Tommy Noonan.


Still Standing You – Opening Night Reception

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 –

World Stage goes deeper to deliver a more in-depth performance experience. We invite you to join the World Stage team for food, drinks and discussion at our opening night reception. Admission is free with the purchase of your ticket.

Still Standing You – talkshow

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 –

World Stage is committed to providing you with live performance of unparalleled quality. Part of that commitment includes exclusive opportunities to engage with the artists and performers involved with the work. Please stay around after the performance for an informative and engaging talkshow. Admission is free with the purchase of your ticket.

Series 8:08 Alternative Technique Class – Collective Effervescence

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 – 1:30-5:30pm

The aim of this workshop is to find the meaning of “togetherness.” Using the notion of group and group effort to construct scenes, participants will work as an ensemble, where equal amount of importance is assigned in order to create the dramaturgy of the scene. The workshop will be facilitated by Guilherme Garrido.

The workshop is open to all professional and pre-professional dance artists. Artist talk to follow.

Click here for registration info and complete details.

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