The Tale of Harbourfront Centre



About the Performance

A Fresh Ground new works commission.

You’re invited to Harbourfront Centre’s virtual 40th birthday party. All you have to do is tune in online to The Tale of Harbourfront Centre, and you’ll be immersed in a poignant picture of the past.

Vivid memories and archives help tell the story of one of Canada’s most prolific arts centres, some submitted by people like you. This is a story – a radio drama, an online play – about endurance, in which things didn’t always go according to plan. Once a derelict wasteland, the harbour was gifted to the citizens of Toronto. Three ugly towers sparked a controversy that led to the creation of the 10-acre site we know today as Harbourfront Centre.

Join the party from anywhere by plugging in your headphones and streaming or downloading the broadcast via the above audio player. Or you can come down to our site and enjoy an enhanced listening experience.

Special thanks to CBC Radio Archives & CBC Toronto, Toronto Star, Ontario Arts Council and all of the interviewees.

A note from FIXT POINT about the recording:

A technique known as binaural recording was used to create this piece, that is best experienced by listening with a pair of really nice headphones. Our creative process included working with over 60 of our own interviews, in combination with archives from CBC Radio, Toronto Star, Harbourfront Centre and City of Toronto.

Audio actualities were created in collaboration with Jean-Paul Davidson. Dave Brennan dramatized “The Artist,” and “the Curator” was dramatized by Aviva Armour-Ostroff. Our chief correspondent voice artist, Geoffery Armour, read the news headlines and one of our favourite collaborators, Mr. Adam Tune, composed the final b-day remix.

The audience at the party was recorded live in CBC Radio Studio 211 using a Neumann Head binaural microphone and was dramatized by: Adam Paolozza, Lise Cormier, Rob Feetham, Aviva Armour-Ostroff, Geoffrey Armour, Lacey Creighton, Miranda Calderon, Norah Sadava, Dominic Mann-Bertrand and Zevon Albert.

This piece represents a bold step in our pursuit to reimagine what a devised performance can be.

Happy 40th birthday Harbourfront Centre.

Lisa Marie DiLiberto & Charles Ketchabaw
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About the company

Founded in 2006, and incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 2011, FIXT POINT is a professional theatre and media company. Their goal is to engage with the community through the combination of site-specific performance, audio art and digital story mapping in order to tell tales across multiple platforms that serve to preserve and promote local heritage and neighbourhood culture. Beyond their current Tale of a Town series, FIXT POINT has also produced widely acclaimed tours of original work, taking us to the Edinburgh Festival, to the Prague International Festival, across Canada, to the UK and Austria. FIXT POINT also produces professional workshops in bouffon and clown across North America, facilitated by French master, Philippe Gaulier.