Canadian premiere


Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company

United States

About the Performance

Brooklyn’s Young Jean Lee works collaboratively, writes as she directs and follows her discomfort like a compass. In her irreverent theatre, bracing irony encounters the long tradition of heart-on-sleeve American truth-telling. The results are both hilarious and provocative.

Toronto knows Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company from the World Stage 2012 presentation of THE SHIPMENT. While it returns to the theme of identity politics, UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW treads entirely new aesthetic ground. It’s a play almost entirely without words. It’s also a play without clothes. And its six performers succeed at something nearly impossible: without gender signifiers they define themselves for themselves. UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW is a celebration of possibility – joyful, challenging and inspiring. It’s Lee’s most daring theatrical experiment yet.

Advisory: Full nudity

About the company

Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company is an Obie Award-winning New York-based company founded in 2003 to present the works by playwright and director Young Jean Lee. Lee began writing plays (on the advice of her therapist) following the abandonment of her PhD. on King Lear. All of her work to date has been developed with the advice of Brooklyn College playwrighting teacher Mac Wellman in mind: write plays based on the worst idea imaginable.

Lee has written and directed nine shows in New York with Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company and toured her work to over 20 cities around the world.



UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW – Opening night preshow event

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 – 7pm

Join us for tea and conversation about Young Jean Lee’s UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW. We’ll use the title of Lee’s piece as our inspiration, for it purposefully draws upon popular connotations associated with the word “feminist.” The show, which is wordless, in part questions a series of assumptions tied to public discussions about feminism itself. Led by Denise Cruz, assistant professor of English at the University of Toronto, this event will bring together audience members, scholars and educators to ask: What does feminism look like? What has this term meant? What does it mean today?

Admission is free with the purchase of a ticket to the opening performance of UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW.


Thursday, February 13, 2014 –

Come talk with us. This is where the artists of World Stage meet with the audience outside their work – through conversation with curated guest hosts. Our talkshow events, which follow the performance, provide unparalleled contact and context.

Admission is free with the purchase of a ticket to UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW.

Hosted by Erin Shields, playwright, performer and artistic director of Groundwater Productions. Her latest play, Soliciting Temptation, premieres at Tarragon Theatre in April.