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Hoipolloi (Wales)

February 15-19, 2011 | $35 | Enwave Theatre | 90 min.


A fantastical tale of the island that floated away.

Amid a cornucopia of clutter on stage − newfangled props, costumes, maps, lamps, fishing rods, globes, slide projectors and more lo-fi technology − Floating is a simple story of the Welsh island of Anglesey suddenly and miraculously coming adrift from the bridge that attaches it to the United Kingdom.

Hugh Hughes and his collaborative partner Sioned Rowlands, desperate to escape and discover life outside their small island, colourfully reconstruct the island's fanciful journey across the Atlantic and beyond. Warm hearted and whimsical, with performances that exude old-fashioned innocence, charm and personality in spades, Floating has beguiled audiences and critics alike. This is comedy at its most relevant, poignant and triumphant. Join us for an unforgettable voyage.

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