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Get closer to the World.

What makes World Stage truly unique is our commitment to developing audiences and artists simultaneously to create the unifying immediacy found only in live performance. Join us for these ancillary programmes that complement your ticket purchase.

Artist and Industry Development

Don't miss out on the various artist and industry workshops, seminars and panel discussions offered during our World Stage season. Here's what's happening:

Series 8:08 Alternative Technique Class (ATC) with Louise Lacavelier
Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from esteemed choreographer Louise Lacavelier, founder of contemporary dance company Fou Glorieux.

The workshop will be divided into two parts, each one lasting approximately 1.5 hours. The first part will be a training session based not on usual dance techniques, but on elements taken from boxing, as well as simple, dynamic, natural movements aimed at developing intensity and pushing stamina to its limits. During the second part, participants will perform a choreographic excerpt that – although it may seem simple at first glance – will demand the speed of execution, precision and coordination of original movements, characteristic of Édouard Lock, founder, artistic director and choreographer of La La La Human Steps.

May 19-20, 2011
10am – 1:15pm

Penthouse, Dovercourt House
805 Dovercourt Road

Please contact ATC manager Tracey Norman for registration details:

Happy Birthday National Theatre School!

This year the National Theatre School of Canada (NTS) celebrates its 50th anniversary and we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize their great work. NTS has produced some of our finest actors, directors and technicians, many of whom have worked on Harbourfront Centre stages over the years. In 2011, among our HATCH artists, World Stage Embassy members and Performing Arts personnel we have the following graduates:

Salvatore Antonio, Hannah Cheesman, Shira Leuchter, Philip McKee, Jonathan Seinen, Lynanne Sparrow, and Evan Webber.

At Harbourfront Centre we put a lot of importance on the development of new talent and giving opportunities to emerging artists, so thanks NTS, for providing us with such great people to work with! A very happy anniversary from all of us here at Harbourfront Centre.

To find out more about the National Theatre School of Canada and its 50th anniversary celebrations please visit

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Taking you deeper into the World Stage experience, the Extras programme offers you pre-and post-performance events with the World Stage team, the World Stage Embassy and the artists behind the work on our stages. Join us for engaging discussions, lively Q-and-A sessions and stimulating explorations of the material.

World Stage Embassy

This successful programme, first launched with the 2009-10 season of World Stage, is comprised of local artists and creative thinkers. The World Stage Embassy is both an audience and artist development initiative, an opportunity to share critical, contextual knowledge and engage in discussion about the work in World Stage. The Embassy meets, usually on the second night of each World Stage performance, and members invite the audience to join a discussion immediately following the show. The discussion will be facilitated by one of the Embassy members, and usually includes a Q-and-A session with the visiting artist(s)/company. Details for discussions and Q-and-A's are on each performance page.

Another goal of the Embassy programme is to generate online discussion about the Canadian and international work presented in the World Stage season. We feel it is important to nurture debate among audience members and local artists, and invite you to comment on the shows and on what the Embassy members have written. These online discussions will be hosted at Time and Space, an online forum for critical discussion of contemporary art, performance, and politics.

For more information about the World Stage Embassy, please write to

Harbourfront Centre Blog

Harbourfront Centre's blog offers behind-the-scenes World Stage info, interviews with our creative team and visiting artists and more.

visit our blog >>

Harbourfront Centre's partnership with York University's Faculty of Fine Arts

Harbourfront Centre and York University's Faculty of Fine Arts are embarking on a long-term partnership, working together to nurture a vibrant and thriving arts ecology in Toronto. Both institutions recognize the importance of the other in maintaining and developing the high level of talent creating work in the city. We believe that by coming together, we can enhance opportunities for both emerging and established artists and audience development.

Our partnership will be built around creating opportunities for dialogue and exchange at a number of different levels. Harbourfront Centre has access to some of the most cutting edge theatre and dance in the world, as well as the ability to give both local and international artists a platform to perform and discuss their work. As one of North America's leading fine arts schools, the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University is educating the next generation of outstanding performing artists who will both learn from, and challenge, more established artists. It is vital that these rising young artists are immersed in a wide range of performance and discussion to help develop their own style, technique and critical thinking abilities.

To capitalize on these synergies, we are planning a series of workshops, long-term projects, performances and placements to bring York University students to Harbourfront Centre, and vice versa. The partnership is beginning in the performing arts departments of both Harbourfront Centre and York's Fine Arts Faculty, with the participation of artists from the critically acclaimed World Stage season and Fresh Ground new commission programmes. Our collaboration will eventually extend to other performance-based initiatives and ultimately, we hope, across the breadth of both of our organizations.

Thank you to our dedicated partners!

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