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Un peu de tendresse bordel de merde!
(A little tenderness for crying out loud!)

Dave St-Pierre (Canada)

February 2-5, 2011 | $49 | Fleck Dance Theatre | 100 min.


A raw, choreographic language without inhibition.

Last at World Stage in 2008 with La pornographie des âmes, the always-provocative Dave St-Pierre returns to Toronto with Un peu de tendresse bordel de merde!, an exultation both of love (and the search for it) and the human form. Twenty male and female dancers take the stage, naked as the truth, in their irrepressible thirst for communication, contact and human touch.

Un peu de tendresse... is part two of St-Pierre's trilogy (part one being La pornographie....), exploring the rites of contemporary love. St-Pierre’s work is often playful, controversial and confrontational, but there is always an emotional core that speaks to our need to love and be loved. His last run at World Stage became one of the season’s hottest tickets.

Canada Council for the ArtsConseil des arts et des letters Quebec

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