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urbanvessel (Canada)

November 10-14, 2010 | $35 | York Quay Centre | 75 min.

Music TheatreNew Opera

World Premiere

A competitive concert in a boxing ring.

From the team behind the critically acclaimed Stitch comes a genre-crossing, interactive performance that blows the lid off gender and power dynamics with cheekiness, raw talent and real fighting.

Voice-Box brings together the sweet science of boxing and the power of the singing voice to create a knock-out performance, uniting the talents of choreographer Julia Aplin, writer Anna Chatterton and composer Juliet Palmer. Defying assumptions about female aggression, Voice-Box unveils women's power to withstand blows and go beyond expectations. Put your dukes up and get set for an unforgettable round.

Part of Fresh Ground new works, Harbourfront Centre's national commissioning programme.

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